Thursday, October 13, 2016

So Sorry, He Said

Remember Mike Yenni, the married, anti-gay Republican Louisiana parish president who sexted and kissed a 17-year-old boy, then bought him designer underwear to model for him? He's really sorry about that, and for asking the kid to have a threeway with a 19-year-old boy. Watch HERE.


Henry Holland said...

17 and 19 year-olds aren't "boys", they're men. They're able to to join the military at 17 and kill people for God & country, "boys" aren't.

Parish the Thought said...

That bottom picture says it all... gay, Gay, GAY!

Danny said...

The age of consent there is 17. The adults here made choices, and the choice of Mike Yenni to reveal himself as an anti-gay, gay guy, is a cover blown, so to speak.

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