Thursday, October 13, 2016

10 Hot Athletes You Should Probably Follow

We all know about Tom Brady, David Beckham, Dwyane Wade and the like. But there are many other sexy jocks who don’t get nearly as much attention. Here are 10 to watch HERE.


mike/ said...

whoa! Mateo Musacchio from Argentina may be a distant cousin. his family is from the Italo-Albania region in the South of Italy. while a lot immigrated to the U.S. (Chicago) quite a number emigrated to Argentina. my great-uncle's name was Michele Musacchio! thanks, Kenneth! we've been doing a lot of ancestry work. this could help. Ciao!

btw, he's stunning.....

Steve said...

Hunter Strickland played for our local Single A team here in Greenville. We had season tickets back then. He looked good then, looks good now.

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