Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (07/20)

Foxy Story: This one has The Post written all over it. But given that the paper and Fox News are so closely related, I'm impressed they put it out front. Read HERE.

Half-Right: I love that Stephen Jenkins heckled Republicans at a Third Eye Blind Concert in Cleveland, but I can never support refusing to do your biggest hits! 

Read HERE.

It's a Small World (I just coined that phrase): Turns out both of my brothers worked with the man who wrote the original Melania Trump speech before she stole parts of Michelle Obama's. (Why does she admire a woman who according to her husband isn't rightfully first lady?) Terence worked with Matthew Scully at the State Press (the campus paper at Arizona State) and Bill at The Washington Times. Read HERE.

Bunker Food: It's Not Just for the Apocalypse Anymore / Read HERE.

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