Monday, April 25, 2016

'Everybody Wants Some' of Tyler Hoechlin!!

Lots more eye candy HERE.

As feared, "Everybody Wants Some!!" -- Richard Linklater's spiritual sequel to "Dazed and Confused" set in a Texas college town circa 1980 -- was as weak as the trailer looks. (Just a bunch of bros violently trying to one-up each other in increasingly annoying situations.) When it ended, I described it as "a cautionary tale about the heterosexual lifestyle" while Damian said it was "a public service announcement about the dangers of testosterone." (I'm so glad I'm not a "man.") Some are marveling at its vaguely homoerotic nature to which I say: Save yourself $10-$16.99 (as we paid per ticket on the Upper West Side!) and get all the eye candy you need -- especially of Tyler Hoechlin, who is a walking advertisement for sex -- from the film HERE

The film has many problems. But on a more factual level, how common was it for people to have VCRs and all of the "Twilight Zone" episodes recorded in the fall of 1980? I know we were late to the game -- I think 1984 -- but the detail did strike me as off.


Anonymous said...

I loved it as just a fun slice of life film. I entered college in the Fall of 1980--even pledged a fraternity for a couple weeks before coming to my senses. Though I have very little in common with the guys portrayed, I found it very accurate and pretty funny. As for the VCR, my dad was an early adopter, so we had one in 1980. It was a big beast of a machine from Quasar. I agree--not something you would likely see in a college dorm/house that early. The error that stood out for me was playing Foreigner's Urgent which did not come out until the summer of 1981. But most of the other music was timed right and fit well (The SOS Band's "Take Your Time"--one of the last disco songs of the era!). Also thought the hair styles and clothes were spot on.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I bought my first Panasonic Vcr top loader in 1979. My first porn tapes were rented then bought within six months. Lol! Happy Tuesday Kenny!

sowhatelse said...

I enjoyed it, too. It was a slice of life movie. Fun music and interplay between the guys. Glen Powell was the standout for me. didn't even recognize Ryan Guzman beneath all that hair. Yeah, they could have showed more skin, though.

Bill Carter said...

There's an ancient Columbo episode, back when home VCRs were largely unknown, where the plot hinges on the fact that the killer establishes his alibi by tricking someone into thinking that he's watching a live football game, while it's actually a tape.

That leads to an exchange between Columbo and the killer in which the killer's response really dates the episode, and Columbo's replay really really dates it.

Columbo: So that records things so you can watch them later. How much does something like that cost?

Killer: $6,000.

Columbo: $6,000! That's more than my car!