Monday, April 25, 2016

Gannett Offers $815 Million for Tribune Publishing, New York Times to Cut 200 Jobs

Yet another day of incredible uncertainty in the world of print media, as Tribune Publishing, owner of The Los Angeles Times, said it had hired advisers to review a takeover bid from Gannett (publisher of USA Today), and word comes that The New York Times is planning to cut about 200 more jobs. Would the Federal Trade Commission even allow the former?


Anonymous said...

i have faith in the ny times survival, even growth, as they have appeared nimble with their ability to make adjustments as needed in the past.

but the loss of the la times to gannett? having grown up pre-internet with limited access to any print news other than gannett, it's difficult to express my reaction when i eventually found different newspaper outlets in larger city's main libraries, then later online. this might eventually result in making the la times dead to me, and i would find that disappointing.

i personally would prefer to see the ny times acquire tribune.

SlippedClutch said...

Gannet has done a good job at allowing local publications maintain their local flavor, and not turning everything into USA Today. It's one of only a few media companies that is profitable and has found a good balance between print and digital. And they've done it without turning it into Buzzfeed style junk, like Time Inc has done. I hope that NYT figures out a formula that works soon. Seems that they are constantly struggling.