Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Page 1 Roundup (04/26)

I was a Christine Quinn supporter, but when the lefty got traction, I was more than happy to climb on-board. Since then, I feel like the right has tried to malign him every chance they've gotten -- just as they do when there's a Dem in the White House -- and have attempted to create a narrative that the city has gone to hell in a hand-basket since he's been in charge. It hasn't. In fact, the one thing that REALLY affects me -- my rent -- he made good on his promise and got rent-stabilized apartments a ZERO percent rent hike for a one-year lease renewal. (This is HUGE!) That being said, campaign finance is the most boring topic in the world -- which is probably why we can't get anything done about it nationally -- so I have not been following this "scandal" that's been recently dogging him. The fact that the Daily News is attacking him -- not the Post -- makes me think there's some there there. Guess we'll see.

Does anyone in Phoenix know how this kid could be vilified as this highway shooter and then released?

With zero black woman in the U.S. Senate, it would be GREAT to see Kamala Harris win the seat in California, especially now that Rep. Donna Edwards seems to be losing ground versus Rep. Chris Van Hollen in the race for Barbra Mikulski's seat in Maryland.  

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