Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Madonna's 'Confessions' Turns 10

Trent reminds us that on this day in 2005, Madonna's "comeback" album -- "Confessions on a Dance Floor" -- was released.  I remember being pretty psyched when I first heard it -- the bad taste of "American Life" was still lingering and the dancey throwback was a huge relief-- yet in retrospect it hasn't stayed with me the way the albums through and including "Ray of Light" have. Still, "Hung Up" did what she set out to do -- have another super-fun smash single -- and her fans overall continue to hold it in the highest regard, even if "I Love New York" seemed to pave the way for her most puerile lyrics ever since. 

Fun note: It was my comparing Madonna's "Confessions" look to Valerie Cherish that first got my blog worldwide attention!


hot guy with abs said...

I like a few songs off that album, I think the singles mostly.

Blobby said...

I'd say half of 'Confessions' is great and really holds up. And half - not so much. Though to be fair, that second half was weak from the get-go.

goodshotgreen said...

"New York" and "dork" could be the worst song rhymes I've ever heard.

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