Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Madonna Makes a 'Comeback'

Well, hello, hello, hello!

I know that dissing her goes against everything we gays have been taught, but has anyone else noticed the Valerie Cherishing of Madonna? (Read: her nearly desperate desire to remain cool and relevant with the youngsters.)

First she got a bizarre makeover to look just like Val. Then she turned up on teenybopper favorite "TRL" to judge a "dance-off." Later she sounded like an idiot on David Letterman speaking with a Valley Girl accent (who could have guessed that we'd actually start to miss her British one?). When Dave was discussing Madge's interest in riding horses and referred to cowgirl Dale Evans, Madonna replied, "Oh, isn't that the sausage guy?" (She wasn't kidding.) Now she's been seen hanging out with "the kids" in all the hip New York nightclubs.

All I can say about watching my one-time fave grow old gracelessly is this: I did not need to see that!

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(Thanks, Bill!)


palmspringsliving said...

While the 'HA!' that I snorted out when reading your comment was pretty genuine, I can only caution that at 38, it's sneakin' up on ya kid. Your blog name alone is gettin' a bit....ummmm......sad. Not trying to be mean....it happens to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Palm Springs is a retirement hotspot, so I think this one knows what he's talking about ...

Anonymous said...

Hey, notice the coincidence between Val's last name and Madonna's hit song!

Anonymous said...

38! Who are you to call anyone old?

Anonymous said...

There may be a slight resemblance to Valerie Cherish now, but if you watched The Comeback then you saw what happened when Valerie tried to record "I Will Survive." Madonna's music is still enjoyed by millions and is still relevant, inspiring, and fun. If she's not allowed to be on TRL because she's over a certain age, that's just sad. I think it takes real guts to go out there and promote her work to audiences that are supposedly too young to really "get" her. And I find it profoundly sad that gay people especially have to jump on this whole "she's old and should grow old gracefully" thing. You'd think our community would celebrate her enthusiasm, her resilience, and her continued evolution. Why complain because she's changed -- would YOU want to be the same person you were 10 or 20 years ago. That would be truly embarrassing, if Madonna were still wearing the mesh and the rags in the hair and sporting jackets with pyramids on the back like on a dollar bill, hel-looo. Who else in entertainment has the staying power? And you'll never see HER in rehab, like most celebs. Sure, some of Madonna's efforts are crap, but even the crap is compelling. And yeah, a 38-year-old gay guy harping about how Madonna should grow old gracefully says more about the person making such a comment -- that's not very graceful. You're hung up! CLICK!

Anonymous said...

wait, aren't we contradicting ourselves here? so now his age and sexuality(!) puts limits on what opinions he's allowed to have but we are upset that he's putting so-called constraints on madonna? i'm confused.

listen people. if I were walking around in some outfit, hairdo, or whathaveyou and I looked too old to be doing it, I'd be happy if someone called me out on it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same woman who tried to make "soy latte" rhyme with "my body" and "mini cooper" rhyme with "super-dooper"? I'd say her hair is the least of her worries at this stage (LOL)!

Anonymous said...

I like to think the rap on American Life was meant to be ironic. It's funny, I like it.

Anonymous said...

shut up everyone. Madonna IS fucking old, and we can say that because we're talking about the music industry and age-specific targeted groups. Don't call Kenneth old, he's A WRITER and writers are timeless and ageless.
See you all in Hell!

Anonymous said...

And P.S. Not only is Madonna old, but she looks fuckin SCARY too!

Anonymous said...

Madonna is notorius for ripping people off or stealing their artistic idea's, she is not the trendsetter she once was. Moving to England put a sour taste in true fan's mouths. What she is too good to live in America? So she has homes in Los Angelas and New York, still is the same situation.
We should go down the long list of artist and musican's that Madonna seems to rip off and start thanking them and learning about them. Let's start with Fabian http://www.soundclick.com/fabian
"Look at life threw the eye's of a child" and I heard that on Madonna's new Dudumentry. Does she have no shame?


Anonymous said...

Holy hell, Roxy is hip again? Better dig for my VIP card!

Anonymous said...

Oh look, trolls! You almost never see those on the internet.

Cripes, who knew calling Madonna out for being embarrassing could be so controversial? I thought it was merely obvious.

JMG said...

Bob Mould sent me.

That's all I got.

Anonymous said...

Entertaintment Weekly has "borrowed" from you again! ;-)


Anonymous said...

trust me there were no kids at the Roxy....mostly 30 something gay guys. she has every right to try to look youthful and up close at the roxy she looked fantastic.she looks fabulous for 47 and im sure her record label made her do trl. madonna is more fantastic than ever. and like the other bitter bloated tired queens Elton john and Boy george...more gay men would sleep with Madonna than would sleep with you. lucky for you her new album "Confessions on a dance floor" is available for anonymous download on I-tunes. stop using her name to get attention for your blog

Anonymous said...

I think it is so funny...fags that claim to adore Madonna, yet, constantly bash her.

I think Madonna should just say, "Fuck off" to all of us, and leave us to the boring "stars" that we have, today. Then, see what you have to bitch about.

Madonna has more talent in her pinky finger, than most people have in their entire life.

Anonymous said...

Are you people fucking stupid?

Someone can be a complete moron in real life or act like a jackass but still be a good actor or a good singer.

Anonymous said...

"I think it is so funny...fags that claim to adore Madonna, yet, constantly bash her."
That's NOT true. Fags all over the world still adore her, even us young ones, some whining tired old queen doesn't represent gay community in any way!

Anonymous said...

Give me Cher over Madonna anyday

Anonymous said...

She is not graceless, she is VITAL but of course cannot not stopp the time and getting older, as everybody-

Madonna showed with her AWESEOME new Album and with her Performances that NOBODY can beat her.

Cher is a great Performer as well, but totally REBUILD with Operations. In comparison to her background vocalists (much younger than Cher) she looked like a 21year old China Porcellain Doll.

Madonna is awesome.
Unconditional Love to the Queen of Pop from Here 2 Eternity

may the Fallen Angels roast in their Hatecycles

Anonymous said...

The ONLY graceless and ridicilous people are the ones who give this timeproofed highquality talented Woman no respect.

You are the Sh** of this Planet.
I m sorry for you.

Go Home to Mama and learn some manners to respect others.

Anonymous said...

What has become of the United States: Land of the Free?

You give us Braindead TV Shows at MTV, Pimp up...., Crazy Forg Rintones, Hip Hop /Rap from the worst people - and the Bibo Bush Family.

We don t want that.

Lady Liberty is Crying. Go and dry her tears by showing Love & Respect to a talented and sweet, warm human Madonna is - and showed at Live8 and in many other places.

You did not get her Message - that s for sure.


Madonna was, is and will be always a LIGHT

I m ashamed of you Kenneth - and so are surely the awesome Saint Etienne

Anonymous said...

Madonna seemed to be inspired from my latest fashion-trend, when she spyed out my homepages

Me 4 month ago:
Madonna 4 days ago:

Anonymous said...

This is the funniest fucking thing ever. This is like if you were bashing Jesus and a bunch of Pat Robertsons disciples showed up.

Anonymous said...

Jesus - yes, what a TRAGIC and BAD Story. Think about it!

Well Madonna stormed in between the European Charts from Nowhere to Number One.

You can have the Britneys, Gwens and stay with shameless bashings etc.
I ll stay with Quality and that means for me: Madonna of course.

Anonymous said...

I am a 39 year old gay man living in the very conservative city of Boston. Enough of ragging on Madonna, at least she has something to say, you may agree with it or not but at least give her some respect. What's up with all this negativity? We Americans are so ignorant and hostile it is so sad. Madonna's new album is great and it is fun to listen to it. Plus it sold almost 5 millon copies worldwide in less than 2 months. SO THAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better!