Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Page 1 Consider (10/26)

— Alert the k.d. lang fan club newsletter, WNBA's Sheryl Swoopes is a lezzie. (via CNN)

— I guess Beverly Hills wasn't good enough ... Weezer's Rivers Cuomo heading back to Harvard (via Reuters)

— Doesn't this guy who got HIV from heterosexual sex live in Los Angeles? Magic Johnson backs Bloomberg's re-election campaign (via MSNBC)

— You're probably taking a blog break at work right now (via Advertising Age)

— Darwinism at Wal-Mart (via NYT)

— Where's Jeff Stone when Tonya needs him? (via CNN)

Janet Jackson certainly was a fat-ass in the mid-'80s (via E! Online)

Lesley Gore's coming out party (no crying required) (via NYT)

— The White House isn't amused by The Onion (gee, what a shocker) (via MSNBC)

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