Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Brotherly Love

After spending some time recently with a couple friends who don't get along with their siblings, this exchange with my brothers reminded me how lucky I am. Bill sent Terence and me a link by Ken Levine about "The Bob Newhart Show" -- my family's favorite sitcom of all time -- yesterday and Terence replied as such:
Great. I just saw the "Some of My Best Friends Are ..." episode on Me TV. Bob has Mr. Plager, the failed TV writer who is "mildly neurotic, with compulsive tendencies," join the group, which has gone stale. The group freaks out when Plager reveals he's gay, and Bob lets them have it when they "vote the gay guy out." Not only very funny, but it's touching how Bob sticks up for Plager despite his own slight discomfort. Truly ahead of its time.
Touching, all right.

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