Friday, June 27, 2014

Closet Cases

I am so tired of gay Republicans suddenly coming forward to express their dismay with the way their party used LGBT people as a wedge issue to win elections. What the hell did you think you'd signed up for?

From Timothy J. Burger's Politico report, where insiders estimate 70 gays and lesbians worked for George W. Bush:
For some of his gay aides, it was a struggle to reconcile the decency they usually saw up close with the frequent reminders, both large and small, that theirs was a party very publicly committed to the view that they were not entitled to the same legal protections as other Americans.  
Although former staffers say they never believed Bush personally had anything against gay people, many still experienced episodes of cognitive dissonance.
What does "personal" even mean to these people? OF COURSE it was personal. A constitutional amendment to rob you of your rights is inherently personal. And that was hardly the GOP's first kick in the stomach. Have they never heard of the Briggs Initiative? Do your homework, people. Now you want us to pretend like this never happened and applaud you as you cash in trying to act like you care about your gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender brothers and sisters now that it suits your needs.You make me sick.

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