Friday, December 21, 2012

Song of the Day: 'Sunglasses' by Tracey Ullman

  Such as shame Tracey Ullman's sophomore LP, "You Caught Me Out," was never released in America. While "They Don't Know" may be her finest moment, the second album had even more highlights than the first, including two more Kirsty MacColl gems -- the title track and "Terry" -- plus "Baby, I Lied" (swoon), "Helpless,""My Guy's Mad at Me" and "Sunglasses," which Phil Spector could not have produced better himself! (Stiff has her complete recordings on two discs HERE.)

1 comment:

JimmyD said...

I LOVE 'Sunglasses'!! I still have the 12 inch single! Tracey IS a Goddess!!

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