Friday, December 21, 2012

Netflix Pick: 'Dear Zachary' (2008)

Watched "Dear Zachary" yesterday, the 2008 documentary Kurt Kuenne created for the newborn son of his late best friend, who was murdered by the baby's mother before he was born. (She announced her pregnancy from jail.) Kuenne wanted little Zachary to have a full picture of the father he would never know -- Andrew Bagby was a beloved son, friend and nephew just starting his career as a family practice doctor when Shirley Turner put five bullets in him -- so hit the road interviewing everyone Andrew had touched in his 28 years. Andrew's adorable parents -- David and Kathleen -- quickly mounted a campaign for custody of the little boy, and while I could tell you more, what happens next is so shocking that I feel certain you would benefit from watching it "cold" as I did. Netflix link HERE.


wtf said...

Watched the movie last year, cold. I don't recommend it to people because it is so devastating. The story had to be told, but it is so dark.

Anonymous said...

Per your suggestion I just finished watching this and agree it's quite the story. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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