Friday, December 21, 2012

Retro Ad Watch

   Anyone else think Howard Johnson's was the funnest place on earth as a kid?


dishy said...

Yes - I loved going to "HO-JOS"! They had the best grilled cheeses!

jamie said...

Okay, I admit it - I loved HJ as a kid. I thought it was a special treat when Mom took us there for dinner on nights when she didn't want to cook. Loved their Hot Dogs on that spilt bread-like roll and those breaded fried clams.

James said...

I used to LOVE HoJo, and looked forward to my birthday dinner there in NYC when I could get their fried clams and an orange sherbet for dessert.

Anonymous said...

i loved the ho jo's in Times Square but as an adult. my partner and friends would go often after a hi end event say at the rainbow room. we had a rule not to leave one of the window booths on broadway until we'd seen someone we know, a celebrity and a transaction involving a prostitute. to pass the time we'd critique the tourist and their outfits

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