Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sex on a Beach

Despite my best efforts, I ended up not watching all of last season of "Mad Men." (My DVR skipped an episode and then every spiraled out of control from there.) From the office gossip, I thought Don had gotten a divorce, but based on these new photos from the upcoming season, I'm back to not being sure what happened. Is Season 5 on Netflix yet? Pics from HERE. It's a pity Jon Hamm's suit doesn't show off his best asset.


Lady HaHa said...

No, darling, it's NOT a pity Jon Hamm's suit doesn't show off his best asset. IT'S A SHAME !!
It's a shame that the show personal stylist or whatever made Jon wear that hideous shorts...WHY NOT A SPEEDO ? Or just a regular male bathsuit ? Someone, please, FIRE that wardrobe assistant !!
Oh, that ugly thing he's wearing should be forbidden on all states of the confederation...

Mike said...

Yes, Season 5 is on Netflix, at least the DVD's are. I'm through episodes 1-6 with 7-12 to go, hopefully this weekend. A friend tells me Season 5 is not yet streaming on Netflix. Thus far Season 5 is good but not as good as Season 4. Not quite sure where it's going or what's going to happen but I can and will say that some characters are much less in evidence thus far. It is, however, just as atmospheric and moody.