Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Guilty ... of Love in the First Degree

Righted a 23-year wrong last night by finally seeing Bananarama in concert, an opportunity I begrudgingly let slip by on their 1989 World Tour when I was a Sears Congressional Intern on Capitol Hill and was low on cash. (I justified this youthful indiscretion by lying to myself that I didn't want to go because my fave -- Siobhan -- had been replaced by a second banana named Jacquie.) When Keren and Sara came out -- both looking and sounding incredibly good for 50 -- and launched into "Nathan Jones" last night in Times Square, it was like being transported in time, only with more money and less (ridiculous) hair. Touring Hard Rock Cafes across America -- in Boston tonight -- in support of Pinktober, a breast cancer awareness campaign, the girls were in great spirits, laughing and teasing each other -- and the audience -- all night as they belted out all of their biggest hits, eventually inviting audience members to join them on stage for a rousing version of "Venus." 

I took a pass -- I jumped on stage uninvited and danced with Jane Wiedlin in '84 at Pine Knob during the Go-Go's "Talk Show" tour, so decided not to risk throwing anything out -- but it was a fun display nonetheless. While the crowd went wildest during "Cruel Summer" and "I Heard a Rumor," I think "Shy Boy" and "Robert DeNiro's Waiting" were my favorites -- didn't expect either -- although the dance routine during "I Want You Back" (straight out of the video) might have been the best moment visually. Complete set list below. A welcome return by one of the '80s most underrated groups -- and for a great cause to boot!

Footnote: As I was leaving work to go to the concert, I asked a (straight) colleague of mine if he could guess where I was going. He's familiar with my bullshit, so he blurted out, "A Thompson Twins concert?" After dying laughing -- that was very close! -- he then said: "Oh, man, I'm jealous. 'Cruel Summer' was my jam.'" 

Bananarama set list
Oct. 2, 2012, 
Hard Rock Cafe, New York City

"Nathan Jones"
"Shy Boy"
"Move in My Direction"
"Cruel Summer"
"I Want You Back"
"La La Love"
"Robert DeNiro's Waiting"
"Look on the Floor"
"I Heard a Rumor"
"Now or Never"
"Love in the First Degree"
"Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goobye"


Mark said...

So jealous! :)
Glad you had a good time!

Harry said...

What a great night! The girls did an amazing job...I wish they played longer...and threw in some obscure singles or album tracks. I was not drunk enough to get up on that stage for Venus, besides didn't any of those guys know the video or dance routines? I think I saw you there - but you were with other people and I am not the crazy guy who walks up to people saying: HEY I KNOW YOU!

Changa Pelona said...

Will see them in L.A. thank you for your review.

Gary said...

Thank you for the enthusiastic review and for the set list; I will live vicariously. And mad props to your co-worker for the Thompson Twins line.

Taffy said...

KW darling, saw the girls in Boston last night, and pretty sure you mean the dance from I Heard A Rumour, not I Want You Back. At least for us, they did the Rumour dance/hand moves.

Taffy said...

hmmm, i take it back. they did the dance moves from both videos. my bad!

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