Friday, September 16, 2005

How the West Was Undone

Kathy Valentine of the Go-Go's rocked the house Thursday night at West Hollywood's legendary Troubadour. Kathy is supporting her new solo CD, "Light Years," and her backing band can only be described as a modern day "supergroup" with Vicki Peterson of the Bangles and Clem Burke of Blondie helping out (see top photo, thanks Reggie Rocket!). My best friend from The O.C. attended the show and said it kicked ass, with Kathy performing most of her new album plus New Wave classics "Vacation" and "Hanging on the Telephone."

Spotted at the gig were Jane Wiedlin (in a wig), Charlotte Caffey and Susanna Hoffs, in a cute flowery (sun) dress and flip-flops (looking way hot!). I'm so jealous.

For all you old school Go-Go's fans out there, you might get a kick out of these old pics taken in 1984 during their summer "Talk Show" tour.

My friend Mark (pictured with Belinda, above) and I lurked around their hotel until we caught them coming and going from their rooms. This was pre-Rebecca Schaeffer so nobody seemed to care. We screamed like two girls meeting the Beatles(!) even though we were both big homos. Go figure — oh, wait. That's why we screamed like two girls.

  • Click here to purchase "Light Years"
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