Thursday, September 20, 2012

Paris Hilton Needs Attention

Paris Hilton: Why aren't I ever in the news?
Publicist: Well, because no one cares about you anymore.
Paris Hilton: I keep seeing Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan on TMZ and "Entertainment Tonight" and everywhere. It's not fair.
Publicist: Well, you've already done the whole drunk driving and fake prison stint. Plus you're 40.
Paris Hilton: And I was a whore waaaay before Kim, yet her whole family is more famous than I am now.
Publicist: Yeah, but no one wants to see you talk on the phone while getting fucked again.
Paris Hilton: Well, what about that blue jay. Didn't it attack some gay guy with its beak? Everyone seems to be talking about that.
Publicist: Well, it wasn't a bird, it was actually a player for the Toronto Blue Jays named Yunel Escobar, and he used a disparaging term for gay men and it wasn't very nice.
Paris Hilton: Wait, you mean all I have to do is insult gay people for no reason and I'll be all over the media again? I gotta go.

1 comment:

swine said...

Now maybe we can never hear bout her ever again. Please?

I'd much rather see more Jon Hamm crotch shots. How come ya missed those, Kenny?

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