Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Sentence for Emo Phillips Amy Bishop

 "Dr." Amy Bishop -- who went on a shooting spree in 2010 killing three and injuring three others after being denied tenure at the University of Alabama -- was sentenced to life yesterday. Let's hope she also received a life sentence of that haircut too, to be served concurrently. But there's more. Prosecutors in Massachusetts have charged her for the 1986 killing of her 18-year-old brother. At the time, Amy told investigators that she had accidentally shot Seth Bishop while trying to unload her father's gun. They no longer believe that. Read HERE.


Jeffrey said...

Yes, surprisingly she pled guilty.

Larry said...

I remember when you first posted about this case you mentioned her resemblance to Joyce DeWitt, and it really is eerie in this picture. Although the Emo reference is dead on as well.

I wont grow up said...

What is it with these multiple killers and bad hair? I mean there is this gal and the batman killer. Are they just mad at their hair dresser and have misdirected anger ?