Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Warren Commission

Via Rachel Maddow: Scott Brown's desperate attempt to make an issue out of his senate challenger's Native American heritage is pretty juvenile But kudos to Elizabeth Warren and her staff for this swift response, which has to be one of the greatest political moves in recent memory. See if you agree. 


Gary said...

definitely agree. ms. warren rocks. i absolutely adore her.

Anonymous said...

My husband is salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. His great-great grandfather and grandmother on his Father's side were both full blood native Americans. Go figure.

His Mass Is Grass said...

As a person living in Masssachusetts, I was on the fence on who to vote for. But seeing him the debate saying that she does not look Indian, shows to me that he is a racist. Then today in the news, his staff is out making tomahawk motions with their hands while making "wooping" noises. This shows the lack of class that this guy has.