Monday, October 31, 2011

Sam Elliott: In Black (Speedos) & White (Briefs)

Came across these sexy photos of Sam Elliott on a friend's Facebook page over the weekend. From my memory, those teen magazines always seemed to feature the least threatening heartthrobs (read: girly) -- Leif Garrett, Shawn Cassidy, Donny Osmond and then the Leo DiCaprio types later on -- so I was surprised to see such MAN grace the pages of Teen Beat. (What was the rationale anyway, that young girls would be scared of manly men?) The pics got me thinking about the 1981 film "Murder in Texas," which I had been told by a reader featured the hunk in a Speedo, yet I was only able to find scenes of him in skimpy black trunks. I revisited my bootleg DVD (purchased off and what do you know, not only is Sam in a black Speedo later in the film, he's also in a pair of tighty whities in the middle.

See all the photos HERE.

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