Monday, April 05, 2010

San Elliott: Hunk in Trunks

My childhood crush on Sam Elliott has been well-documented on this blog (with 'stache and without). So you can imagine how titillating it was for me when a reader informed me that his moment of "awakening" was when he first laid eyes on the ultimate daddy fantasy in a black Speedo in the made-for-TV movie "Murder in Texas," back in 1981. The film was never released on DVD, but I was still able to buy a bootleg copy off the Internet (oh, how did we ever live without it?). While it turned out my reader's memory was slightly off -- it was more of a typical '80s swimsuit, i.e. REALLY skimpy, rather than an actual Speedo -- these screen grabs reveal that his recollection of Sam's sex appeal in the scene was 100 percent accurate.

CORRECTION: My reader was right. Click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Sam Elliott in "Lifeguard" with Parker Stevenson. Both in Speedos through out the films Parker almost busts out of his at times.

Anonymous said...

I remember this movie, and pretty much had the same reaction you did. There is a scene with him in a speedo and one with him in Jockey shorts.

Kap said...

Is it just me or does he look a bit like Jon Hamm in thast last one?

Kenri said...

I've never heard of this man but now I must find out more.

Sold on Sam said...

LIFEGUARD --- if you are not sure you were gay after watching that - you were not!

So hot.

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