Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seventh Avenue

Although she lives around the corner from me, and Michael sees her regularly, I FINALLY ran into my hero Rosanne Cash, after brunch on Sunday. She was sweet if not a bit skeptical when I gushed and told her that her 1996 album, "10 Song Demo," is my favorite album EVER. "Ever?" she said, sounding like she'd almost lost respect for me for saying it. (I probably meant my favorite album of HERS ever, but I got a little too excited for my own good. Can you imagine what I'd say to Debbie Harry if I ever spoke?) Nonetheless she graciously agreed to pose for a photo -- only to have Technologically Challenged Twins once again not be able to figure out my f**king new cell-phone camera. She posed, we fumbled around a little, Michael said he "took two." We said thanks and away she went. By the I got home I'd decided there ere no photos at all but now a few days later I finally realized there's actually a one-second VIDEO. All I can say is thank god it was Abraham Zapruder that day in Dallas and not Michael or me.

  • Rosanne Cash's Ring of Fire
  • The Brooklyn Dodgers
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    Judy C. Adanna said...

    She is excellent, and I still listen to Somewhere in the Stars and Interiors after all these years. On the Surface is one of the most blisteringly personal break up songs ever written, and the fact that her soon to be ex is singing with her makes it almost too painful to listen to.
    She always seems like such a mensch when I hear her interviewed.