Monday, January 23, 2006

Rosanne Cash's Ring of Fire

When people rummage through my CD collection invariably the first thing they say is "I didn't know that you were obsessed with Rosanne Cash!"

So there -- tucked between the Blondie, Pretenders, Paul Weller and more frivolous '80s favorites (think Bananarama and the Thompson Twins) -- lies my Rosanne Cash library. Far from just being her standard-issue nine studio albums and a few hits compilations, I've also amassed disc after disc of live shows, acoustic radio gigs, b-sides, soundtrack contributions, collaborations and even her now-disavowed 1978 self-titled debut, released in Germany on Ariola Records.

In my mind, Rosanne is the most brilliant singer/songwriter of our generation. Though often classified as a country artist, Rosanne draws on many genres, including folk, pop, rock, blues -- and has even had a few run-ins with New Wave and showtunes.

The New York Times caught up with Rosanne in Sunday's paper to discuss her new album, Black Cadillac (I've already pre-ordered it on Amazon and can't wait to get it), and to see how she's doing after the death of her mother, father and stepmother within a short period of time.

Michael saw Rosanne walking down his street last weekend (she, too, lives here in Chelsea). I was so jealous -- but then was somewhat relieved given what a fool I'd made of myself when I saw Debbie Harry a year or two ago. Looking forward to seeing Rosanne live this summer (I promise, Rosanne, no restraining order will be necessary).

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    Anonymous said...

    Your blog inspired me to buy Rosanne's Greatest Hits!

    Anonymous said...

    I was reading your blog about Rosanne Cash earlier. Might have to give her stuff a try.

    Anonymous said...

    Nice note about Rosanne. I very much enjoy the new album--it's a classic.

    I too am obsessed with Rosanne; my house is a virtual Rosanne museum.

    Quick story about obsession with Rosanne: I've met her, and the first time I did, I had travelled from Nebraska to San Francisco to see her in concert. I had arranged to meet with her, and when I made those arrangements, I had mentioned, quoting Wayne's World, that I "wasn't mental or anything".

    So when I see her she says, "So, you're not mental or anything. You don't have a shrine devoted to me?"

    And I had to admit that indeed there was kind of a Rosanne shrine in the house. That's the position my Rosanne obsession put me in.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the blog. Hope you enjoy the album--it's like a bookend to Interiors.