Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Eye Couldn't Resist

Well, Entertainment Weekly. You've got Paul Newman to thank for this one. One look at the legend's piercing, pool-water blues and I stunned even myself by picking up a copy of your erstwhile magazine -- and buying it. Oh, it gets better. I then read it over coffee and actually was shocked to see that you had cleaned up your act quite a bit since I dumped you all those years ago. Don't get me wrong, it hurt me too. I remember when we first got together back in '93, it was like magic. You were so fresh and exciting that I knew people who used to practically come to blows over whose subscription arrived first 'cause then they'd be the first with all the "scoop." But by the turn of the century, you started to change. I don't know if you were going through some kind of Internet crisis or what, but I just couldn't stand your incessant hints about starting a family, with all those articles about children's books and video games. You knew that wasn't where my life was going, but you didn't seem to care. So I don't know if you've really changed or if this is just some ploy. But you've got the next 52 weeks to prove to me that it will be different this time (YES, I also went online and subscribed). To be honest, it's nice to have you back in my life, even if you did try to get back at me by stealing from my blog (HERE and HERE) and giving me no credit. Let's let bygones by bygones. Paul would have liked it that way.

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