Friday, August 29, 2008

White House or Bust!

Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? A female vice presidential choice who is anti-women? I think that'll really sway all of those disgruntled female Clinton supporters. Way to get some good advice, Mr. McCain!


mattrett said...

Okay, I forgive you, this is funny... :0)

Timmy said...

that is hysterical!

John said...

hilarious! whoever made this gif should make one of Obama kissing Biden's wife on the mouth--over and over again! Hey Kenneth, there's a funny pic of McCain & Wonder Woman on Huffington Post! Also David Duchovny is rehab for sex addiction...must be all that Californication.

I didn't mean for this to be a comment, just the fastest way to send you some info you might want on your blog. So I don't expect this comment to be posted!

Hope you had a great time in DC, would love to hear about it...will check your older posts.


Joey7777 said...

I've been reading on some feminist blogs a surprising number of women saying they'll vote for McCain just because of his v.p. pick (to "get back" at being cheated out of Hillary. I'm not kidding).

Jamie B. said...

joey7777: In all seriousness, which feminist blogs? Because it sure as hell ain't any of the ones I'm reading.

Joey7777 said...

Hi Jaime : Tennessee Guerilla Women, to start with.

Jillian said...

I love how liberal men keep pigeonholing women into one category. Keep it up!

jamie b. said...

Thanks, Joey7777. I'll check that one out.

If you are interested in reading the opinions of some feminists (a lot, in fact ^_^) that aren't headed in that direction, I recommend checking out Shakesville. The folks there are, generally speaking, intelligent and thoughtful. And, personally, I think they represent a larger portion of the general "feminist" population - though of course I could be wrong. It's hard to tell on the Internet. :)

jamie b. said...

Addendum: I checked out that Tennessee Guerilla Women site that you pointed out, Joey7777.

To be quite honest, I found it very disturbing. Those threads read more like YouTube comments than anything else. There seemed to be one major instigator, CarolynKB, of the "voting republican for bad reasons" brigade.

At Shakesville, we would not call her a feminist. We would call her a troll. ^_^ (She has the right to make her own choices, of course, but I don't, personally, see voting for Palin as a particularly "feminist" political choice.)

In the interest of full disclosure, I did not read the full 396 comment thread. I do not have the patience for something like that.

I spend most of my internet time in what is generally considered the "feminist blogosphere." I had never, until today, heard of the Tennessee Guerilla Women. You will not, I hope, take them as representative of the movement as a whole.

Again, thanks for the pointer to that site. I will browse it some more and perhaps pass it on to the lead blogger at Shakesville - they might have some interesting thoughts on it. ^_^

Joey7777 said...

Hi Jamie b. : I don't have an opinion on whether the Tennessee Guerilla Women posters are wrong or right though. I just meant I was surprised. I guess they have a right to believe how they want. (Of course, they also still believe the Duke lacrosse boys are guilty).

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