Friday, August 29, 2008

Karen Walker for Veep?

Jawnny sure called this one! I'm feeling a lot better about Obama's chances of winning this thing now that McCain picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. I really don't think America is ready to elect someone who's been governor for less than two years to be a heartbeat away the presidency when that heartbeat belongs to a cancer-surviving 93-year-old man. Although in her defense, Palin's obviously an amazing multitasker (how else would she have found time to run for governor when she was shooting out babies right and left?). Still, I am getting a kick out of Obama camp's blasting her for having "zero experience" on a range of topics. Somehow this reasoning smacks of the pot calling the kettle (half-) black ...


Matthew said...

Keep making the snarky case against Obama...but anyway, your friend is all wrong, she's not Karen Walker, duh, she's Tina Fey...but you can't admit that because you hate her more than Obama! haha :0)~~~

Anonymous said...

Karen would never wear such demure make-up and bad eyewear!

Norm! said...

Ha! I had initially thought Palin looked like Tina Fey too, but Karen Walker is much closer to the truth -- especially after hearing Palin speak. Palin seems a few drinks from turning Karen.

(Also, a co-worker said Fey was too "chubby"?!?)

libhom said...

Karen's prettier.

Chuck Baum said...

Can you see Karen Walker on SNL asking Barack Obama where her drink is?


mike/ said...

Karen would be totally insulted..., and have Jack sic her.

i thought the same thing though and, yes, Karen is prettier, and a lot more fun. Karen would never be caught in a cheap updo like that either.

i'm sure the only thing Karen has in common with Palin is that she's probably a life-time member of the NRA. ONLY, i'm sure she knows how to use a gun - in many different ways.

Anonymous said...

Pulin will ensure 2 things:

1. That Obama WILL become President on November 4, 2008

2. COMIC RELIEF between now and election.

Thanks McCrazyCain!


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