Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My, How They Grow Up So Fast ...

God, if only people with children could understand the special bond between a gay and his cat. The bittersweet joy in watching them go from a little helpless kitten into a full-grown mouser.

Here's Larry yesterday, making a rare appearance in his onetime favorite spot:
You may recall that he could still (barely) fit in my tiny wash basin in February:
And had all the room he needed back in October:


Unknown said...

when I was a kid my puppy liked it behind the toilet pipes where it was cool. As she grew, she continued to try and jam herself in there - which didn't work so well!!

Anonymous said...

He is just adorable!

southernfriedjordan said...

Thank you!!! When I tell people I have a child, and then I mention that she's a cat, no one understands. She may be too fat to fit in any confining space anymore, but she's still my girl.

Unknown said...

YOU know you can get a BIGGER sink for Larry & you at the Depot of Homes....he would love you for it...he is so adorable!

IS he still sucking on your earlobe or has he moved downtown? ha!ha!