Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Ad Watch

Cute boys for
That's Robyn Sinclair for Polo Ralph Lauren
Not sure where this one came from, but does it matter?
Jude Law for Dunhill And Ashton Kutcher -- who obviously needs the money -- shows off his CoolPix ...
This week's eye-catching advertisements


Anonymous said...

THAT'S exactly what I said when I FF thru the commercial on TV...ASHTON needs a free fucking camera???...more bucks for scientology


Bradmo said...

I'm so glad to know which brand of cancer sticks Jude Law smokes!! I've been dying to know really. But now I can die more quickly, only without the nagging need to know. I wish people would not glorify such a filthy habit (offense intended). I used to think Jude was hot until I found out he smoked. And let's face it, he's been revealed as a cad, although I'm sure Sienna is no saint, plus, he isn't aging well.

Anonymous said...

I think the pic of the guy with the abs in the blue on blue ringer t-shirt comes from some porn site. I can't remember if it's Fraternity Men, Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, or what, but I know I've seen it somewhere maybe it does matter.