Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ya Gotta Cyn to Be Saved

Robbie over at Chart Rigger has fun details about the new Cyndi Lauper album, "Bring Ya to the Brink," including a link to a preview of the uber-gay-dance-friendly first single, "Into the Nightlife," (watch your back, Madge; this sounds far better than anything on "Hard Candy"). It appears the Most Unusual One will be performing filming her new video for the song here in Manhattan next week at Splash (extras needed!) -- in what can only be seen as an all-out attack on the gay music-buying public (how Sheena Easton of her!)). Funny enough, I was at Splash (on a tourist visa) back in 1997 when I first heard Cyndi's rousing "comeback" single "You Don't Know" off her "Sisters of Avalon" album. I was certain it would be a huge crossover hit, yet it barely made the Top 20 on the club charts. Those fickle gays. Will be curious to see if "Into the Nightlife" fares any better (it really does sound great).

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D'luv said...

Hey, hooker, thanks! It's actually not a performance at Splash, but a video shoot and call for extras! (Though, she may be performing, too)