Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Page 1 Consider (03/25)

  • Out of the Blue: This analysis of how Debbie Gibson's career fell apart after her third album is one of the funniest things I've ever read: "Not only did 'Anything Is Possible' include a veritable buttload of tracks (I don’t remember exactly how many, but if memory serves, it was something like 400), but this cassingle includes a non-album B-side, 'So Close to Forever.'" (TheCassingleVault)

  • Surgical Tour de Force: Check out this fascinating story about a woman who had six of her major organs temporarily removed so surgeons could get to a buried cancerous tumor in an attempt to save her life. (NYT)

  • Belleview Vuitton: A new book examines forgotten pieces of luggage left behind at a mental institution and the chilling tales gleaned from them. (NYT)

  • Oral Diarrhea: When is our new governor going to shut his mouth? Repeated adulterous affairs? Marijuana use? Cocaine use? Michael wants to know if David Paterson is going to admit to fucking a cow next. Jesus.(Newsday)

  • Detroit 442: Makes me so proud of my home town. (NYT)

  • Puck You: New York hockey fans are pressing the Rangers for a meeting over what is described as repeated homophobic outbursts by fans attending games at Madison Square Garden. The anger at the slurs came to a head last week when the New York Times published an article on homophobia during Rangers games. (365Gay) Time for Tom Cavangh to come to the rescue?

  • RIP: The husband of Grammy-nominated British singer Corinne Bailey Rae has been found dead under suspicious circumstances. (AP)

    Anonymous said...

    i just saw 'breakfast with scot' this weekend and it made me think of the whole Ranger's thing.

    i'm glad you made the point!

    Anonymous said...

    let's also not forget about miss gibson's other b-side from that album "the most beautiful love song".... the b-side to the single "one hand, one heart". the song was ONLY released on CD in japan on the single and goes for almost $100 when/if you find one on EBAY. loved that you posted about her! i loved her as a kid & still do!