Tuesday, March 25, 2008

David Beckham 360

I set my DVR to tape the big David Beckham-Anderson Cooper showdown on "60 Minutes" only to have the f**king NCAA basketball run late and not record any of it. (Can you just imagine Anderson pitching that story to his bosses as if it's a newsworthy story that had to be told!) I ended up watching a bit of it without sound on my computer at work last night and couldn't help laughing when I saw Anderson all but cumming in his pants while interviewing Becks. (Can you blame him?!) The body language was hilarious. The one second I had the volume on I heard AC ask in a very Beavis and Butt-head voice: "Why do you like tattoos?" Huh-huh!!! In the meantime, I found these nice photos of the object of Anderson's erection affection in the new Eurosport catalog that came in the mail.


Unknown said...

Hey, go easy on basketball! The action in the NCAA tourney has been pretty damn exciting this year--with lots of eye candy, too.

Anonymous said...

Beckham is the only guy who would make me consider cheating on my boyfriend.


Tony (LT) said...

i saw the interview. After the AWESOME tournaments. You really didn't miss all that much. As hard as AC probably was during the taping, it was a pretty soft interview. It almost came across as a PR thing by soccer leagues to build interest in the US.

We really didn't find out anything new: he's handsome, rich, married to another celeb, rich, the biggest name in soccer, rich, a trendsetter, rich, rich, rich, rich.

But it was fun to see the nerdy kid in awe of the popular jock dynamic going on.