Monday, July 08, 2024

Remains of the Day (07/08)


WaPoGay elder prom brings joy, redo of dance many dreaded decades ago ... can anyone of us forget when Stanford Blatch attended his LGBT prom?

ABC NewsFormer classmate found guilty in murder of gay Jewish teen Blaze Bernstein

You know how the U.S. can avoid authoritarianism? Skip undermining the cause on social media and do what France and the U.K. did: Vote for the candidate who believes in democracy. Our incumbent has been the most progressive president in history and is still our best bet in November having defeated the opponent before. Even if you do have age-related qualms, they have already been addressed with a qualified vice president in place who will continue the current agenda if need be. 

This was true a few months ago. Now Democrats are doing the GOP's work for them.

Read my Joe Biden update HERE.


AB said...

Who doesn't love Girthmasterr's thick cock? 🤤

barryearle said...

As a meme states: Why are you getting all upset over some glitches? Has Biden lied every time he opens his mouth? Concentrate on Trump's lies. And as I say: Two Words--Supreme Court.