Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Song of the Day: 'If You Leave Me Now' by Chicago

Like every "Sex and the City" fan in the world, I'm absolutely heartbroken to read about the passing of Willie Garson at 57, after a battle with pancreatic cancer. (He worked till the end, even filming scenes for the upcoming HBO Max sequel.) Although his Stanford Blatch character wasn't featured that frequently, he still managed to star in several of my favorite moments of the series -- never more so than in the prom scene, where Stanford reunites with boyfriend Marcus, but not before shaming him over his sex-worker past, like we used to do in the good old days. RIP.

His best scene, when Charlotte fixes Anthony up with "Ed Harris type" Stanford:
Anthony: Charlotte, this is so exciting. 

Charlotte: Stanford Blatch, this is Anthony Marantino. 

Stanford: Hi, Marantino. Is that Italian? 

Anthony: Sicilian. 
Stanford: Is that different


j said...

Very sad news- may he Rest in Peace

crodger said...

So sad