Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Doctor! Doctor!

Was back in Chelsea for my annual physical today. Made me smile to see this poster in the waiting room, exactly a week after I returned from my honeymoon there! -- found out my doc dreamed of going to Mont-Saint-Michel since he was 10 and made it there at 65! Then I was immediately not smiling when I found out my doctor of about 20 years is going to be retiring in April. Actually, I should note that out of nowhere I asked him if he had given any thought to how much longer he was planning to work and he replied that he was just about to tell me what was going on with his practice, once I put my clothes back on and returned from the examining room to his office. 

"You're psychic!" he diagnosed me.

While I realize there are people who are undoubtedly tighter with their doctors -- I've been extremely fortunate to never have any major health issues so far -- I've always liked mine, so I found myself rather shaken by the news. (And when I inevitably do have issues, I sure would have liked to battle them with someone I trust.)

"We had a good run," he said, as he offered me a hug. 

It's a long story, but the short version is that his practice -- hurt badly by the pandemic -- is being assumed by NYU Langone Health, which apparently wants to expand its gay presence. When I said that I thought we were in a "post-gay" world now, my doctor replied that it wasn't so where there was money to be made. "PrEP, PrEP, PrEP," were his exact words, I believe.

A new gay physician is heading up the practice, which will be moving near the Moynihan Train Hall -- and my doctor suggested I give him a try. I may follow his advice. But if any gay New Yorkers have any recommendations for me -- preferably someone who is under 50 so this doesn't happen again -- please let me know. 

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Randy Slovacek said...

I feel your pain here. My trusted dentist of 20 years retired, and it was a blow. He was the best, and his office was amazing. Finding someone new is such a pain.