Friday, July 07, 2023

Meme Spirited

I guess social media is to blame for every 20-year-old woman wanting to look like a heavily worked on 50-year-old. I know I'm the biggest queen on earth, but even using my wildest imagination I cannot see how straight men get it up anymore. 

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Edgar_Carpenter said...

I don't like having sex, or even kissing, people with makeup on. That happened once, decades ago, when I was drunk and picked up a guy in a very dim bar, only to realize he was made up when we got under the streetlights.

If I was straight, I'd have major problems with hookups - I suspect most women react badly to being told they need to shower the makeup and perfume off before sex. And, of course, they'd have to be into pegging men. And they'd need to be a bit hairy. And not have big breasts.