Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Remains of the Day (05/24)

SpinAs the B-52’s wind down touring career, Cindy Wilson readies a solo LP / Hear the first single ('Midnight') and pre-order the album HERE.

Hot Cat of the Day: They have the best help at the Pet Market


Jaradon said...

Keneth Anger was a true visionary gay film maker

Jaradon said...

The Go Hawks wrestler had the classic All American jock look - he could be a Sean Cody model

VRCooper said...

I have included the link on YouTube to the conversation with Bill M. and Kathy G. Say what you will, this is an interesting conversation. I miss conversations like these where there is a true dialog. So many times we are regulated to short segments on some television show. I may have my opinions but it is an interesting/enlightening conversation. I miss in-depth conversations like Charlie Rose and others had/have.