Friday, April 07, 2023

Remains of the Day (04/07)

Dennis Anyone?: Catching up with filmmaker Gregg Araki, whose "Doom Generation" (1995) is getting restored and re-released

WaPo: I've been told I’m a fair judge of people and situations, even when it goes against popular opinion. So after much bashing from my peers, it's nice to see that even the most trans-friendly president in the history of the world agrees with me on the topic of sports: inclusion, with some limitations. (There's a big difference between NCAA events and girls' PE softball games.) Not surprising that media outlets who breathlessly report negatively on trans people are largely burying this, because its nod to fairness doesn't fire up the hateful base.

Saturday 'StacheNaughty blond edition

Speedo Sunday: Frisky judge edition

Hot Cats of the Day: Two of Damian's sisters -- and two cats -- moved in with Mom. Looks like things are going more smoothly than expected! 


Jaradon said...

So the guy who was abused multiple times by the urologist kept going back to see him?

JimmyD said...

Dennis Anyone? is one of my favorite podcasts.
Going to see DOOM GENERATION today at the NYC IFC theater!!

streetfan14 said...

Oh man Paul from S Club 7 passed away, they just announced a reunion. They also had a TV show that had random celebrities on it like Linda Blair, Barry Williams and Cathy Dennis.

BosGuy said...

Thanks for the shout out (and great 'stache post).