Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Woman Accused of Burning Pride Flag at SoHo Eatery Charged With Hate Crime

Although the deplorable woman police say lit a pride flag on fire outside a restaurant in SoHo has thankfully been arrested and charged with a hate crime, it's still mind-boggling that in 2023 -- in one of the most progressive cities on earth -- that this could even happen. (The restaurant was damaged but fortunately no people were harmed.)

Damian and I are re-watching Kathy Griffin's "My Life on the D-List" reality show -- remember when Dennis Hensley and Tony Tripoli were her "main gays" before she went psycho on the latter, and she pretended to still be with hubby Matt even though she's already found out about his ATM "usage"?!!!! -- and it feels like a period piece, not the least of which when she loses patience chatting with a military captain while preparing to entertain the troops in Iraq, who said none of the troops had better be stupid enough to admit they're gay or they "deserve to get caught." 

"[Captain] Jesse -- you know it's 2006," she incredulously replied.  

But people are still torching pride flags in 2023. 

How great to see City Council cutie Erik Bottcher on the scene for the raising of a replacement flag.


Jeffery said...

She seems to be a lunatic.

Jaradon said...

She is a nut that should be locked up

das buut said...

Protest all you want, that's your right, no matter how wrong you are. Do not burn shit that does not belong to you. Do not commit arson, do not vandalize. I hope they literally throw a book at her. The New American Heritage Dictionary seems heavy enough.

Billdp said...

I'm also rewatching "D List." I thought it was odd that Dennis and Tony mysteriously disappeard in Season 2. I'm about to start Season 3. It's still a fun show to watch again after 15 or so years.