Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kathy Griffin's Not-So-Little Subterfuge

It sure seemed like the gloved gossip columnist Janet Charlton had the inside scoop when she exposed the fact that Kathy Griffin was staging it to look like hubby Matt Moline still lived with her in her hillside mansion this season on "My Life on the D-List," when in fact he was long living elsewhere. But now it almost makes you wonder if that revelation was planted by Kathy herself (who just happens to be Janet's friend) to cover up the full extent of the D-Lister's deception.

Friends of mine in Los Angeles who are close to the situation tell me Kathy actually found out about Matt's little ATM scheme way back on DAY 3 of SEASON ONE! Naturally, she was beside herself (I don't how much she cares about her relationships but you know how much she loves money) andI hear she sent the reality TV cameras packing that day by pretending she had a bad case of the shits. Then when she calmed down, she realized she had money at stake a contract to honor and hatched a plan to have Matt move out of the Hollywood Hills estate, but come back each day moments before the camera crew arrived to make it look like everything was normal. (Janet's initial story was right, she was just off by nearly a year. If she was duped, it certainly appears she's caught on now.)

Although this has been reported elsewhere, I do find it telling that the so-called stolen money Matt took was actually used to pay for "his half" of their household expenses, indicating that while Kathy was married to Matt, she certainly never viewed their marriage as making them a "we." (And we all saw the strangely prophetic things Kathy said about "her money" on this week's show.) I can only imagine what half of the household expenses on a spread in the Hollywood Hills would cost, but it was undoubtedly far too rich for a computer IT guy's blood who's too busy (waiting hand and foot on a D-List diva) to actually work.

Kathy told Larry King on Monday that "one thing that does bother me is that people have written online and stuff that they didn't think the reality show was real and that the marriage was, you know, part of the show and maybe it wasn't real. ... And the truth of the matter is we were absolutely reconciled for the part of my life where we did the reality show."

I think you're hilarious, Kathy. But if you're gonna go on "Larry King Live" to set the record straight, then set the record straight. I'm not even disputing that you and Matt may have tried to work things out, but if Star Jones pulled something like this with Big Gay Al, you'd be all over her shit -- and that's exactly why we love you.

At least we finally know why something just didn't add up.

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    Emily said...

    It doesn't really have much to do with this post in particular, but...

    I enjoyed your website.

    Steve Reed said...

    I probably shouldn't admit this publicly...but all this time, as I've been reading your blog about Kathy Griffin and her husband, I was thinking of MATTHEW MODINE. Boy, was I confused!

    (I've never seen the show, as you camn tell!)

    Anonymous said...

    I have no inside info but Ms. Charlton's story doesn't quite add up either.

    I work in the industry and have friends that produce reality television - there is no way that Matt isn't receiving a healthy paycheck for the television show. As well as her parents and assistant. They could all be considered regular "characters" on her show and although there is no SAG or AFTRA jurisdiction for reality tv yet - these people are usually paid in some way.

    So, the idea that he had to steal from her to pay for his bills is miscalculated. If Bravo wanted him on the show, they would hardly expect him to ignore his own business or job in order to do so.

    Also, that article states that perhaps Kathy went on Larry King to boost her shows ratings but the last episode is next week. If this were the case, she would've revealed the info at the beginning of the season 2 months ago.

    Anonymous said...

    Someone commented on another blog that Kathy conspired to keep money that was due to other people on the show, but I'm not sure how easy that would be to accomplish.

    One thing is clear and no one seems to really be denying this: Matt was pretending to be her husband (and all that that entails) when in fact he was living elsewhere. I think that's what makes people feel a little cheated.

    However, Rule One of reality TV is that nothing is really "real" ...

    Isabel said...

    Whatever the truth is, the show makes me laugh. And I like that.

    Anonymous said...

    The show is funny, She is funny but terribly crude. You can be funny without being crude and made money. She is money hungry, that is obvious. Treated her husband or if that is what she called him, like crap. He was a slave...her employee....I guess Id like to get paid too if I worked for her the way he did. he didnt get to ever be a husband. She'd get more respect if she respected the people around her, her parents, husband and her sisters publicly on national TV say you hate kids and especially those 2 kids....unforgivable......THAT IS WHY SHE IS ON THE D LIST. NO TACT

    Anonymous said...

    Based on her way of getting ahead being to tear down her dead brother,her aging parents, her sisters kids ...I am not sure why anyone watches her ...Karma might just level out here!