Tuesday, February 21, 2023

When Joan Rivers Was a 'Dick' to Some NYC Gender Benders

While I'm sure Joan Rivers wouldn't be receiving any GLAAD Media Awards in 2023 for asking men who perform as women if they still have their penises, I think it's easy to forget how subversive her syndicated daytime(!) talk show was at times back in the day. From 1989 to 1993, Mrs. Rosenberg featured numerous LGBT notables, everyone from Michael Alig, his Club Kid friends and Martina Navratilova to Lily Tomlin, Tab Hunter and the children of Billy Tipton.

Perhaps the finest moment was when she did a show about "Men Who Became Superstars as Women," featuring a fashion show with gender benders Joey Arias, Miss Guy and Paris emceed by Lady Bunny, as well as performances by Lypsinka and RuPaul and a hilarious interview with Holly Woodlawn, there promoting her memoir, "A Low Life in High Heels." 

Although it was a hoot hearing Holly discuss how Madonna wanted to adapt her book into a film -- and play fellow Warhol trans-Superstar Candy Darling -- the high point of it all had to be when Miss Guy (of Toilet Boys fame) responded to Joan's unseemly question by asking her if she has hers. (Michael Musto wrote it up, above.)

Joan was adorable throughout the show and truly seemed to have affection for her guests. But that moment, the genesis of which Miss Guy explains above, was a rare time that even Joan wasn't sure what had just slapped her in the face!


normadesmond said...

I've got Holly's book on my shelf and a
framed poster I got in PTown 10,000 years ago.

Joan died with her penis.

das buut said...

God I miss that old bitch. She truly was one of a kind and the world is colder and darker without her in it.