Monday, February 13, 2023

'Uncoupled' Gets Picked Up by Showtime After Netflix Snub


This "Looking" memory (below) popped up on my Facebook page today seconds after seeing this infuriating post about Neil Patrick Harris’s Netflix show. (“Was ‘Uncoupled’ worth saving?”)

 It's bad enough that LGBT people continue to be marginalized in every conceivable way, but why is one of our own sites writing something so ill-conceived? Was "Two and a Half Men" a perfect show? "Friends"? “The Big Bang Theory”? (I could go on for hours.) They were all flawed yet ran for ages because general audiences dwelled on what they liked about them. 

I loved "Looking" as I watched so many gay men rip it to shreds -- and I continue to long for shows about gay people. And I enjoyed "Uncoupled' and am curious about what happens next with its protagonist. It makes me furious that we're not allowed to have shows about ourselves but that on the rare occasion when we get one, our own community holds them to a much higher standard than everything else out there. What is wrong with people?

When you're "Looking" for perfection, you're bound to be disappointed. 


Jaradon said...

Looking was a great show that should still be on- but gays would rather watched series about pathetic gay serial killers because you know that's more inclusive

JimmyD said...

Gays don't support Gays. Sad but true.
I know someone who complained that LOOKING had no BEARS. Season 2 opens on Bear Weekend at Russian River. There! Bears! Naked Bears!!
do you really want to see yourself on screen? Probably not. Most people aren't as fascinating as they think themselves to be.
I look forward to UNCOUPLED, season 2!!
(It may have been flawed, most movies are, but, I liked it... BROS, and the promise of more gay rom-coms was killed by pithy fags bitching about it. No financial supports says THIS IS NOT A VIABLE MARKET.)
Instead of bitching about how you don't see yourself or or friends... write a fucking show, pitch it, produce it yourself! A ZOOM reading to spark interest. Make the art you want!!!
((Why won't my quotation marks keys work??))

JimmyD said...

To Unknown: No... Gays would rather watch reality TV and go on about how revolutionary Madonna is. GOOGLE Madame X. She didn't invent her!
PS: I only watch shows about not pathetic serial killers!! I LOVED Dahmer!! So well done!

Blobby said...

I enjoyed "Looking". I semi-enjoyed "Uncoupled", though it's not too far off that every episode someone was telling NPH how hot he was. That was irksome. But I don't like it enough to get yet ANOTHER premium service......not that anyone is considering Showtime premium.

BB said...

I’m 57. Like it or not, “Uncoupled” on TV when I was young would have been unheard of. It’s a massive shift. Yes it’s whitewashed and flawed, but I mean really, so were The Brady Bunch, Jeanie, Bewitched, Golden Girls…but we gays (mostly) love them. It’s the wedge. And yes, Looking was awesome.

Tony N said...

I have read your blog and this is my first comment. We align when it comes to music hugely. You have good taste. I like the Carly Simon appreciation. Looking was fine but I never felt it was super interesting. I have lived in Austin the past 20 years and Los Angeles and Chicago before that so I get living in the city . The characters just didn't resonate. I liked the concept of Uncoupling but I find NPH unlikeable. I appreciate having this content (I'm 52) since it was around when I was younger but it just wasn't programing I find good. I did enjoy Bros. Still don't get why people are surprised it did poorly at the box office. Who would go see except gay guys?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Tony N: Of course it's fine not to like. It's the vitriol and constant trashing of LGBT fare by LGBT people that's so pervasive online that gives me pause.

I don't have any use for "RuPaul's Drag Race" but have never said a word about it online. I get that some people love it -- and I think it's good that we have hit shows -- so there's no reason for me to respond to posts praising it. That's what I'm trying to say here.