Friday, February 17, 2023

Are You Gaga for Central Park South?

As a commoner, I'm always fascinated to see where rich and famous people choose to live in New York City. So it was a surprise to see that a post-fame Lady Gaga lived in a seemingly unremarkable building I pass from time to time on Central Park South. (On the ground level there's a Sarabeth's, which has ridiculously good brunch.) The structure was built in 1941 and was apparently the former home of many entertainment icons, including Liza Minnelli, Johnny Cash, Loretta Young, Rod Stewart and “A Chorus Line” creator Michael Bennett. (These days the only bold-named neighbor you get is Keith Olbermann.) Gaga's former duplex penthouse is on the rental market now for $35,000 a month, which gives you not one but two bedrooms! Go inside BELOW.

Although not as tony an address as Central Park West or Fifth Avenue, the view from the apartment's 750 square feet of outdoor space staring out to Central Park looks breathtaking. 

A faux fire hydrant is out there for you pooch lovers

Dining room

The kitchen is a bit underwhelming, but most New Yorkers do order in.

I asked my pal Rosanne Cash if she has any memories of the building where her dad once had a crash pad, to which she replied:
Ah. It was a fussy little apartment my dad [Johnny Cash] and stepmom [June Carter Cash] leased from the owner, who I think was an older lady. 

It was a one bedroom with a pull down Murphy bed in the living room. 

I remember staying there once with my new baby, Caitlin, and doing an interview with Rolling Stone there, for Seven Year Ache. I wish I could remember who the journalist was. I was there the week of my 25th birthday. I know I absolutely went to Charivari. 😉

Her love for Charivari is well-documented -- and I think the interview was with Christopher Connelly, formerly of MTV fame! 

The shirt was actually in a video from "Rhythm & Romance," a single called "Second to No One."

If you're interested in renting, see the StreetEasy listing HERE.

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das buut said...

"Keith Olbermann"

Ugh. You mention even liking an orange and he'll start frothing at both ends screaming about Trump. I imagine having him for a neighbor is like having an overactive chihuahua for a neighbor. If it's not screeching all night, you have to watch where you step for all the shit.

The mention of him just ruined a completely lovely story about Roseanne Cash. Love her!!!