Thursday, February 16, 2023

How to Make Your 80-Square-Foot Apartment Look Like 100


As someone who lived nearly 25 years in an comically small one-bed apartment the owners wouldn't even tell me the square footage of -- a recent listing from the building boasts 402 -- I'm very impressed with this young woman making the most of her 80-square-foot digs. See BELOW.

It's unclear in which neighborhood this $1,750/month apartment is located other than the "heart of Manhattan." But as personal trainer Nikki tells the self-proclaimed “MTV Cribs” host of his generation, Caleb Simpson, “I’m basically living in an RV or van without wheels.”  

Dorm-style kitchen 

“I can almost lay down the entire apartment,” Simpson says of Nikki’s micro abode. 

The Murphy bed doubles as a wardrobe

. “The shower’s actually a decent size,” Simpson says, noting that others in the building must rely on a shower and toilet located in the hallway.

Despite its size, Nikki says she likes her apartment. “I love micro living just because it’s simple. I love simplicity.”

(Via NYP)


Billdp said...

I've lived in several studio apartments in NYC that were in the 300 square foot area. It's very do-able. Mostly in Chelsea and the West Village.

VRCooper said...

I could comfortably live in a 300-400 square feet apartment BUT how you lay it out is very important. I do not want a fold-up bed. I need storage-not a lot but some. I don't need a large kitchen. A DC kitchen would be fine. A bathroom in the unit. The washer/Dryer in the unit is optional. I would need a sitting area. Other than wifi/AC/Heat I am set.