Monday, June 14, 2010

The Manhattan Project

Feeling kinda nostalgic tonight, remembering that I packed up my bags -- and my broken heart -- and decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of moving to the city 12 years ago this weekend. (Thanks to my brother Bill and his then-girlfriend-now-wife. Jacqueline. for the lift from Washington -- Troy and I couldn't have done it without you!) Here are some of my favorite pictures from the year of living dangerously:

Jean and Chad come to check out my new digs -- it's what we call "cozy" in New York ...

With Troy on the requisite futon ...

A stoop to call my own ...

Shopping on Fifth Avenue (remember when Antonio Sabato Jr. wasn't a punchline?)

Visiting one of the city's central perks ...

Followed through on my goal to join a gay tennis league ...

From the Metropolitan Tennis Group (MTG) newsletter

Threw a party for my staff at PRN, who had endured a month of working in hellish conditions at Harborside Financial Plaza in Jersey City when our servers in Midtown got flooded. Below, left to right: Emily, me, Hee Won, Evan, Seimond and Bill

With Leah

Geoff, Evan, Donnie, Me, Kevin and Bill (in front)

Evan, Geoff, Donnie and me

Bill, Leah, me, Emily and Kevin

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