Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Current Status


No matter what happens in the days ahead, I must quote Greg Abbott: "It could've been [A LOT] worse." 

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demc7 said...

We shouldn't forget that if the Republican majority in the House holds, they will Impeach Biden. They won't have any justifiable cause, but they will- possibly multiple times... so no celebrating should be done- especially since nothing will be done for the next 2 years. Biden will veto everything the Repubs pass and they'll refuse to pass or even bring to a vote anything Biden sends to them. Government shutdowns will loom every 6 months. Also- Abbot won by 10 points, after all his fuck ups in Texas, he still kicked Beto's ass. I NEVER want to see Beto's name on a ballot again! Strike 3 (Senate, President, Govenor) he's out!