Monday, September 05, 2022

Happy Labor Day!

Hope you're having a leisurely Labor Day. I'm having to work my "day" job -- life in the news business -- so am taking the day off from my blog. In case you missed it, you can read about my family's dark ties to the labor movement HERE. Today is also noteworthy for a couple reasons. 

Harvey turned 8 today. 😸😸😸

And my father (never) would have been 90 today. Alcohol and pills took his brain when he was 40. And cancer took what was left when he was 73. Still it's insane to think it was nine decades ago that the Walsh twins arrived on this planet. xo

Dad and my namesake uncle didn't know what was in store for them in Korea

UPDATE: The birthday boy wants to know what's for dinner!


j said...

Happy Birthday to Harvey

VRCooper said...

Happy Birthday to your baby Harvey.

What a rich family history you have.

I may have mentioned I was in the Air Force as well. I did not reenlist for another term. I was discharged as a Sgt. I was a medic and towards the end of my enlistment, I taught wartime medicine at Sheppard AFB-Wichita Falls AFB-Texas. My father was in the Air Force as well and made it a career. One of my dad's many assignments was indeed Okinawa. We were stationed there TWICE. The first was during my middle school years and then again in my 9th and 10th grades. We lived off base and on Kadena Air Base. Can you believe at Kadena one could take a cab anywhere on base for 50 cents?

Have a great week.


VRCooper said...

PS-We called the twin's uniform hats bus driver hats.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@VRCooper: Thanks -- and thanks for sharing. Must have been an interesting childhood!

howardinsandiego said...

I remember when you got him. I had just discovered your blog and was so saddened when your last kitty died. I had four cats at the time and vas very sympathetic to your grief. Happy Birthday to Harvey. He's a very handsome boy!!