Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Meme Spirited


My blog has never had a lot of commenters. (I do appreciate the regulars, however!) But I will admit I was impressed that no one bothered to even respond to THIS, either because they agree we're doomed or don't even see the point of thinking about things too much. New life goal: Save enough money to become a full-time cat lady. 


das buut said...

Honestly, the response wasn't worth the effort to fight anymore. People aren't interested in all the facts enough to truly solve our problems, only those which pertain solely to them. To remain civil, it's best to ignore those aspects of people we like that we find distasteful or just ignore them entirely.

Stand where it matters (courts, polling stations, congress), leave them be where it doesn't (super markets, their churches, restaurants). This is how you win the hearts of the swayable.

Edgar_Carpenter said...


Well, I agree we're doomed, and to save my own sanity I have to keep away from some stories that go by. You are brave and strong to be able to handle them.

As always, I appreciate all of the work you put into keeping your fans informed and entertained here. I often foreword your cat pics to my sister, too. I'll send her this Victorian cat lady.

Thanks for everything!

RomanHans said...

I got tired of being dragged down & depressed by American politics so I moved out of the US. There's a struggle ahead and, regardless who wins, the lives of all smart Americans are being ruined by this ridiculous political system. Fingers crossed the Democrats can figure out a way to counteract the endless Republican dirty tricks.