Tuesday, May 10, 2022

'Firebird' Coming Home

Peeter Rebane's "Firebird" -- which looks like "Brokeback Mountain" meets Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the occupied Baltic states -- will be available digitally on June 3 ... and you can color me curious.
Based on true events during the Cold War at the height of 1970s Communist rule, "Firebird" follows a handsome, soulful young soldier who embarks on a clandestine love affair with a charismatic fighter pilot newly stationed at his Air Force Base. Set in a time when men in uniform caught having a sexual affair were dealt a severe punishment, this is a story of two men who risked their freedom -- and their lives -- as their loyalties were torn between love and service to their country.

Kudos on the casting of Tom Prior and Oleg Zagorodnii, both of whom are stunners.  


VRCooper said...

I saw the movie and loved it!! Great love story!! I was in the United States Air Force in the mid '80s. Yes, there were "witchhunts" and entrapments to kick out gays in the military. I had a motto-Unless you have pictures, leave me the hell alone. I was a medic and for the most part the gays ran the hospital. And the commander said so to a redneck-bless his heart-asking what he was going to do with all the gays in the hospital The response was if he kicked out all the gays who would run the damn place. Next question he asked.

BB said...

Saw it at Melbourne Film Fest. Loved it. Highly recommend it - the story is great but it’s exceptionally well filmed. I’m sure it was on a budget but you couldn’t tell.