Thursday, May 05, 2022

Meme Spirited


Like many of you, I'm sure, I kind of lost it earlier this week. Ended up shooting off a bunch of messages to my family's group text about women's rights and LGBT rights (for the both-sides members of the brood) before calming down and reminding myself of something many don't want to hear. 

Yes you can get angry. Yes you can protest. And yes you can lose sleep wondering how the hell we wound up here. (And by all means vote.) But the bottom line is there's absolutely nothing we can do to stop these monsters from destroying our country. Minority rule is officially the name of the game -- gerrymandering isn't going anywhere, the Electoral College isn't going anywhere, the disproportionate number of GOP-appointed Supreme Court justices isn't going anywhere, the filibuster isn't going anywhere, the Senate itself isn't going anywhere, voter suppression isn't going anywhere, and the Voting Rights Act isn't being reinstated. So it's back to my 2016-2020 bubble, focusing on the things that I can control, like my sanity.

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